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Azonic zero offset straight up stem

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This is a super clean Azonic aluminum stem.  Fits 1 1/8" threadless steer tube, and fits 1" bars.  It has zero offset - the perfect flatland stem!  The part that clamps to the fork steer tube uses a collet style clamp - a tapered sleeve squeezes the stem around the steer tube when the 2 allen head cap screws are secured.  There is a center hole to pull the stem down onto the steer tube - needs a star nut in the steer tube and the proper bolt...  There are 2 threaded holes in the lower part of the stem that you can thread the 2 tapered sleeve screws into when removing the stem to push the sleeve back down and release the collet clamp

This stem appears to have been mounted, and possibly lightly used.  It is in great shape showing very few minor marks.  The stem could easily be used with the common 7/8" bmx handlebars with the proper handlebar shim - they are readily available.

PLEASE enlarge and view all the pics - what you see is what you get!

Asking $80 with FREE U.S. SHIPPING!!!

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Very well made stuff. Looks cool too.

Badass lil stem right here.