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S&M 38 Special race/trails 21"- 20" frame With T4 bars

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Item sold to BDUBinVegas (2020-03-05 5:44pm)


Ok this 38 special 20" wheel size is literally and practically with no exaggeration almost new, I bought this from a bike shop in South Africa about 3 years or less ago now,  I bought it brand new, when I got it I put it together for about 3 weeks then took it apart because I got a Hutch Trick Star, you can check my bike pics when I had it built, so this has been sitting with me in a box since then, it’s a 21” with no dents a few hard to see scuffs, the head tube top paint chipped off, not sure how that happened or even when, no rust, plus get some S&M T4 bars 28” wide and 8” rise & S&M pad set, & S&M Rail seat free when you buy frame, please notice that shipping is in the price. It’s a great buy and a really nice frame I hate to sell it. Thanks for considering

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Chipped paint on top front of head tube?  Nice booking frame cool .

Oh yes you are right I totally forgot to mention that, thanks for pointing it out bro.

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