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UGP Number Plate Stickers Decals

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price is for each number or send an offer for the whole lot
Please contact seller before hitting buy it now as there are multiple numbers available..

decals are 4in tall

note the 6 could be inverted to make a 9

4" 4 inches 4 in

Check out my other listings too! I can bundle multiples to save you money on shipping.
Feel free to send an offer! cool

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Paid! on 2020-01-07    #7 for me, please!

Purchased and paid for. Numbers 7, 1, 5

Dibs two 6’s

How much for a set of 2 for each number you have available?



Any of these left?? I need 4-2-0 smile

Purchased and paid for 2,2,7

Purchased and paid for.  6, 9, 0... thanks again!