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Boss cranks 1st gen

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I've got a set of 1st gen 180mm Boss cranks that need a little bit of explaining. What you're purchasing is 4 pieces, the chrome drive side arm w/chainwheel bolt (no issues), the chrome non-drive side arm (spindle side completely sheared off the rest of the crank arm, another non-drive side arm in black without issues beside some scrapes in the black, & the OG 23 spline spindle.

The full chrome set of arms with spindle are a set I picked up many years ago. The issue is at some point before I bought them, the owner broke the non-drive side crank arm at the spindle side. It's completely broke off, although I have both pieces. That's the bad news. The good news is the drive side arm looks NOS. He must have not had many rides on them whatsoever as they look fantastic.

A few years ago I had a WTB thread up for the non-drive side arm, which I actually found one. The only issue is that when paired up on the spindle, the crank arms DO NOT line up perfectly flat. You can see in the pict of it. I've never touched the non-drive side arm from the way I received it. The conclusion I have is that the splines in the actual crank arms are welded slightly different on both. The chrome & black arms are 1st gen but from different batches. Both slide on the spindle fine, just do not line up perfectly flat.

Understand if interested in this set, when installed, they DO NOT lay flat, so when installed, they will not look correct. I've been holding onto them to maybe get back to them but realized I never will. If you know someone that might be able to repair/reweld the original chrome arm somehow, more power to you. I know there are many talented ppl in the world with welding skills so these probably can be salvageable.

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How far off are they?  I.E. when assembled and set on a flat surface how far are they out?   A pic of that might help.

Sorry, I actually re-uploaded them this morning and forgot to add all my pictures. I just added them