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1985 GT World Tour F/F white

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Item sold to redaccustom (2020-04-03 10:29am)


85 Pro World Tour in white   OG Finish , no damage..FS stamped. U.S. ...4 holes in rear dropouts

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Crazy price!

It's a World Tour, not a Performer.  I don't think the price is out of line if it's og finish and decals.

Hard to tell if it is og from the pics, especially the drop out pics.

Not bashing, I'm supporting the price.

I think he meant good price. 
Looks pretty dang sweet smile

So I have to ask. Whats the difference between this frame and a Pro Performer frame?

Their is NO difference in 1985 Performer frames, regardless of model. ONLY for 1985!

It should be F.S stamped USA made if its pro world tour

85 was the 1st year for the "World Tour". They didnt all have the fs stamp. Nor did they have dual cable guides on the fork. 901s came later. Freestyle Tours came later.

performers and World
tours had the FS STAMP.  GT wasn’t dabbing into the Japan market this time.

Hello all!!
What’s up Shock -
It’s Efrain in Miami

Tried sending you a PM but you’re all full..

Got a question in relation to this topic-
I’ve got an 86 Taiwan made Performer with dual guides on the forks.

I was under impression dual guides were only on PWT’s & PFT’s......

Can anyone shed light on this??

Thanks ....

Efra, your 86 is a regular performer.  They came with dual guides that had weep holes on the bottom.

All 85 WT were us made FS and had dual cable guides.  These forks are likely not original to frame.  In 86 some started with singles as manufacturing was all over the place.

Thanks for the info Ridge -  really appreciate it !!

Pics of fork state 1985

sold to a cool Dude in NH....