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Prodyne 26 " Crusier frameset

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Prodyne BMX 26" Cruiser frame + Tange Forks - Super rare BMX history .   A collectors must.   Listed on BMX museum as only 9 registered in existence and this one is in really good condition. My father purchased it new circa 1981 so 'one-owner-from-new'.   Have a look here for more info on these frames   The frame is superb condition with only minor scuffs.  The forks are good but the stickers have marks on them.  Wil ship anyway in the world but purchaser will have to arrange for the courier details.   

Quoting from a pervious sale of one of these frames here on BMX museum

"First brief history on Prodyne
Prodyne was made by Larry Barker who owned and operated "Larry's precision welding" located a few doors down from JM Cyclery (JMC).  Larry was the guy that built the original JMC frame jigs and welded most of the early frames, he was very influential in the frame design.  If you look at the dropouts of the Prodyne they are the same as JMC along with the seat post mast.
Prodyne was basically a 26" JMC"
Ok so here is mine
There is only 9 Prodyne cruisers accounted for"

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Zero posts and zero feedback, you want $5k money order, no PayPal.


Baby steps lol

Futurejones wrote:

Yes but i had no response there and it would seem that people are posting items for sale in different places os the was why i thought i would flag it up  on this page

Did you check your PM's (Private messages)  Several people have said they sent you a PM but did not get a response.

Im confused. Your other post in the swap meet said it had original chrome about three different times yet it is obviously black??? Also you said 1 of 9 known. Now you say 1 of 18 known??? No paypal..GOOD LUCK. I dont care how rare and great it is. You better wake up if you truly want to sell it. roll Anyone in the UK vouch for this guy?

Fair enough not a great listing.  Wall straighten it out, I am new to this site and still working out the protocols.  My days in BMX are a long time ago.  More of a MTB man these days.  Paypal can be option just that charge very big fees otherwise it is not a problem with paypal

Has it been refinished? Or is this the original color? The other post mentioned that it was chrome, so I’m just looking for some clarification.

Sweet bike, but when you’re selling something like this, there is a pretty small market. Specifics definitely help.

The chrome comment confused me as well.  Looks like he copied text from this bike:

Ya,since that bike was posted a few more have been found.Thorntons bike is my Fav bike on the museum

PM sent about coming to view this as im only in reply yet..??

another 2 PMs sent requesting phone number to go and veiw frame and pay answer!

Why is this post even allowed to run?  It's sketchy af.
Can the mods please moderate and remove this post and also the user?

:DEnter your comment...

sweet frame.

Is this still available??

Set to pending, seller not responding..