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Early Hutch Expert Frame & Fork Complete your Collection!!!

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Item sold to mroze1 (2011-10-17 3:07am)


Ok....This is an early Hutch Expert Racer.....pre serial, USA made........Priced to move.....

There are no dents or dings that have been able to find anywhere, some light surface rust in the usual spots, but I am pretty confident it will polish out easily.....the forks are early early.... no front brake hole drilled.....the dropouts are pretty clean,both have a washer mark but no grindage....same with fork....included is og headset, and bottom bracket bearing cups. PM me with any questions, apologize for the pics my good camera took a header onto the concrete last week.

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This would be mine if i had the funds in my paypal. sad GLWS! smile

He's right, the forks are early early.  Anyone need a pair of later early predrilled Hutch forks?


Damn, is this already sold?

I commented after I paid.

Wow didn't think that'd go that fast......must have been because it was an early one.......ole boy been trying to sell one for $300+ on here for awhile now.......that's why I price to move