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1993 Gt performer CHROME survivor pic heavy

Sep 20 '19 10:43AM PDT
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Kid I know parents bought this new for him when he was 11, he barely rode it and was put in basement at 15 when he got driving permit, tires still have the same air in em from then:), this is an amazing survivor!!
Has light light surface rust on bars and tight spots but mostly juts a bit of grime, bike is crazy clean and with a hour or two of cleaning you will have a precious obscure chrome early 90’s performer


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Willy b
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Item sold.


Shinkos came on the ‘93 GT? Huh I always thought the LP-2 freestyle versions took over well into the 90’s. Like ‘88 was the first year for them.

That’s a cool bike. Good luck with the sale.

Not quite sure but I know for a fact these are original tires that came on bike, either way man thanks for the vibes:cool:

Those are the OG tires, there not Shinkos..there a similar design but not made by Shinko. GLWS

Thanks for clarifying demon

I bet it took 4 hours to load all these pictures

Lmao I have a trick!! It works great load three at time and I goes real fast!

You open to offers on this one?

93 grayeg pm you back?

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