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schwinn team predator

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83 team predator in great shape has tioga head set F/F/bars/stem new decals from ultrahive, this was built up for show but have to many bikes it has to go, also have another f/f/ bars/ stem 82 team alloy in green and yellow just as nice as this one, thanks for looking.

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Very nice, would look good in my collection.

make me an offer I cant refuse

this has no dents cracks or rewelds, original stem and predator bars, tioga head set is nice too,very nice chrome, oval down tube and forks, thanks for taking a look. big_smile

man I want one of

price slash 150.00 shipped

Nice frame, The frame stamp makes it a 1983

11 of 83 makes it a 84 acording to schwinn

It looks very similar to my 81 Team Schwinn with different dropouts and no front gussets. Is it full 4130 CRO-MO.

yes it is

what about your 82, I'd like to see that as well.

Any chance of considering shipping to South Africa.

somebody buy this thing

PM sent

lol i was just about to list the same thing.same bike but 1082.this thing is very clean.guess i will wait a few days.great deal here.glws.