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mongoose pro class bars

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these look like mongoose pro class bars, but i am not 100%sure. they are very nice chrome, all measurement are in photos. there is one tiny little bb size dint in crossbar seen in pics.again i am not sure what these are. if you know, please pm or mark in post. 48 states shipping on these as the size is large

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ive got a set they are so comfortable


whats the numbers say on the grip sides of the bars....  mx ??

is that the glare , they look bent, right side looks bent more by the grip

no bends, and no mx or any other stampings. 100 percent money back guarentee... including shipping on any of my sales.

mine look just like those but mine say MX-19LP on them and they are from a 1985 expert mongoose.. look closer maybe you missed it

Would you ship these to South Africa. If so then how much. Thanks.

DO you still have the handle bars? I am interested. Please send me a message.