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Nice Mongoose Survivor with motomags price drop free shipping

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,  e , one very Cool old Mongoose from 1981, awesome one owner bike with stamped bottom bracket, stamped headset stamped seatpost clamp, has gold Mongoose doubleclamp Gooseneck, nice soft original grips, I think the only thing not original is the seat, pedals and tires, bike is in really nice condition, mostly original, back wheel looks like it has never changed positions in the dropouts as the dropouts are extremely nice on this bike, small tear on one grip, rear motomag does have one small crack on one of the smaller webing spokes, see this in the 7th pic down low, frame has no cracks dings or dents, Thats right, I said "Gooseneck"   I will not grow up, I will not call them stems, they were goosenecks then, they are goosenecks still,  "LONG LIVE THE GOOSENECK ! "... only send payment if the payment address starts with deana

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Love it! The REAL version of the Stranger Things bike lollollol

So nice!

Wtf is a stem??? My bike has a gooseneck on it

SO want this!

All you got to do is Click Buy It Now, it's easy

Highly debating it smile


Way to stick your neck out for some cool ass old school... gooseneck it is!!