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1987 mongoose BRUTGOOSE

Jun 17 '19 10:26AM PDT
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1987 Mongoose Californian AKA BRUTGOOSE Bmx Bike Old School Pro Class White Out Edition

This is ONE of a KIND BRUTEGOOSE and was used as promotional item for the movie OVER THE TOP featuring Sylvester Stallone,

BRUT DEODORANT was one of the main sponsors and Sylvester drove a rig with the BRUT logo on it and part of this advertising and sweepstakes was a dodge truck a brut mongoose and a variety of other things.

It’s a mongoose Californian badged this way but has parts that would only come on really hi end bikes, look close at parts!

This bike is very very nice Hardley ridden, I even have original tires, and they are not worn at all, included is chain guard also in awesome shape. brute spokes and hubs are clean as a whistle,

this was in a movie buffs house for last 30 years and only wear are a few nips here and there.

The proclass rims are nicest I have ever seen, no brake rub at all!! Only imperfections are shown,

I have a lot of pictures and if you’re curious lmk I can send a lot more

this thing is loaded up with killer parts and is such a hot bike, again serial number is like a Californian but it’s a sweepstakes bike for brut deodorant and is super unique and you will possibly never see another one!! I hope the right man/woman finds this for their collection!

Everyone that has seen this freaks out and it bends their mind, you’re brain tells you it’s a pro class Mongoose but yet it’s it’s own bike a “BRUT”!!!!!!!Aka BRUTGOOSE, Aka WHITE OUT EDITION, Aka Miami vice all kinds of things people say about it makes me smile, but this certainly is one of a kind!

*** spoke to someone that’s been in mongoose circle his whole life and helped catalog the vintage mongoose website, stated this is surely one of a kind, you will never find this bike again:)

Thank you



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What a trip! That thing is a Brut?

Very nice

Thank you

That thing is badass!!!

Wild man




I'm loving it!!

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