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Upgrade Dust Caps for XCII Pedals - Aluminum - Silver

Oct 10 '19 7:18PM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK

Like many of you, I enjoyed my XCII pedals BITD.  Also like many of you, I later found a dust cap (or both) missing.  If you continue riding that way, your pedal guts will be destroyed.  For a while I sold "repop" plastic ones.  They were pretty good, almost as good as the original I suppose, but I still had some problems.  I wanted a solution, and these upgrade aluminum ones were my vision.  While I can't guarantee you it will never come out, crank it in nice and tight and you'll be convinced I'm sure.  If you crank in a plastic one nice and hard, the thread will skip.  So here you have it....this sale is for one silver set $32/pair shipped..  They are also available in a separate sale is black anodized.  Eventually I plan to have them in red, blue and gold also.

Here's what you get:

What you get:What you get: 1 new pair of upgrade (aftermarket) dust caps for XCII pedals.  Not NOS, not OEM.   Just the 2 aluminum dust caps, nothing more.
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Make: CNC Machined
Finish: Silver (raw aluminum)
Install: Fits Suntour XCII, Suntour XCI, and some Suntour road bike pedals (Cyclone and I'm told Sprint).
My guarantee: Buyer must determine if parts meet their satisfaction/need and are fit for their use/application.  If not satisfied, and if the buyer contacts me within 2 weeks of ship date, and returns parts unaltered/unused to me within 4 weeks of ship date I will refund their initial purchase price upon receipt of returned parts.  While I cannot guarantee you they will never fall out, if you are not convinced they will last the moment you tighten them up, just return them for a full refund, no problem.  You will be convinced.
Seller: Cajjoo Bikes LLC - VA BCH, VA
Price: $32.00/pair (International: +$13.00 Shipping - or buy them with something else to control shipping costs)
VA residents: 6% sales tax must be added.

Pictures:  Remember, you will get one pair of silver caps, that it.  While the pictures show other colors and complete pedals, you do not get those things.

This is what you get:

Compared to original:

Some more fun pictures:


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