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nos gt non-stamped laid back seat post with sticker.

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gt seat  post  laid  back non-stamped ..   chrome looks  very good  not perfect shiny  like a  mirror  but yes considering that is been in a box  with many of them many years
never mounted  before   sticker look  good as well  but have  some marks  from storage  nothing  serious  but no perfect like just stickered
I found  a lot  from the old  gt  spanish distributor  he closed out 25 years a go  and he sold  all his  stuff  to somebody  and  now  i found it.
sold  a few  and   everybody  happy . real chromoly no seam inside the tube

65 dollars shipped to u.s

  i will love to sell it  cheaper  but  shipping cost me  20  dollars to us. sorry

thanks  for  watching it

thanks for  watching

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