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CRUPI Race Cranks Complete with Crupi Titanium Spindle - 170

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  • PostedMay 26 '19 8:34AM PDT
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This sale is for a complete CRUPI crank set in good condition.  Arm length = 170mm; Spindle = 115mm (as shown); Chainwheel = 42 tooth.

As mentioned this is an actual CRUPI Titanium Spindle, 115 mm long.  European Bottom Bracket.

Arms are in good condition with minor scratches.

Bearings spin great.

Chainring bolts are a little crusty if you ask me.

One dust cap.....uhhmmmm…..errrr....what can I say?  The sucker would not come out and the keyhole stripped easily.  I personally would be real reluctant to really put it back in tight without a lot of grease.  It's just hanging loose for the photo.  The screw was superficially nicked with the Dremel, but it is harmless.

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cool cranks Troy!


  If you were to date these, what’s a good ball park? Late 90’s early 2000’s? Thanks buddy

I'm thinking 2000-2005, but I don't know.

I bought those in 98 and broke the left crank arm rlyears later but still have the right dude arm with chain drive lol

Wow!  How'd you break an arm?

Came up short on a set of doubles out at the track