GRAPHITE 20" SKYWAY Tuff Wheels- brand NEW! 3/8" axles

Oct 3 '11 5:30PM PDT
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Skyway GRAPHITE Tuff Wheels with 3/8" cr-mo  axles

Skyway has made the very best mag wheels in BMX for well over 20 years, and now here is your chance to own this classic one of a kind, Graphite wheelset!

This MODEL features standard 3/8" cr-mo axles.  Also  features anodized GOLD hubs, just like the original Graphites did in the 80's.

Brand new in original Skyway box with full Skyway warranty.   Threaded Freewheel style. Will accept any standard freewheel. 

Manufactured in Redding, California, as they have been since the late 70's!  Sold as a front and rear pair only.

Skyway's Graphites are molded from a proprietary blend of long-strand CARBON FIBER and ZYTEL NYLON (Same way they were made years ago!). This blend produces a wheel far stiffer than any composite wheel on the market. These wheels put the power to the ground yet take the abuse of hard landings without having to true your spokes after every ride. This strength and stiffness also allow the use of higher tire pressures than possible with previous composite wheels.These are NEW and made with todays better, and lighter graphite materials not to mention better technology only improving on the legendary Tuff II performance you've come to expect from Skyway.  Identical spoke pattern as the vintage Tuff II's, but precision made!

Shipping is FREE to areas in the USA.  NO International sales on these here on BMXMuseum.  If you are in a different country, please buy these direct at in order to calculate the correct shipping cost to you.
This is a COMPLETE SET of wheels.  Both front and rear wheels included.


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Item sold to jdtoldschool.


are the hubs still made by campagnolo

Skyway has not used Campagnolo hub parts for nearly 30 years.

Do you still have those gold center caps?  I think they're called "cool caps."  I couldn't find them on your site.

Paid! big_smile

Hi, whats the differences between these and the units with the Graphite CF /Skyway on the spoke? Same material?

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