NOS 1997 Specialized Flyboy 20" bmx

May 22 '19 12:48PM PDT
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This is a NOS flyboy that is catalog correct and complete. decals are nice but one downtube decal has a very small mark and some of the
decals are starting to wrinkle (heat?, age?). The S on the crank arm drive side has some marks in the print. seat post has insertion marks.
Seat post clamp has two different bolts (i dont know why). The rims have no brake rub. The pedals have no rash, the bar ends are clean
and the seat has no rash or any tears. Chrome has no scratches but is starting to get small dots of rust in the tight areas and on crank arms.

This a 21 year old bike that was made for only one year. it will look like it did sitting on the bike shop floor once cleaned up.
I can get you more pics if needed but everything is in really great shape and theses never come up NOS.

price includes shipping to lower 48. international shipping is additional.

PM any questions and if you hit BIN, be prepared to pay. thanks for looking

please do not PM me to ask if its still here. If you see it , its here.

If you hit the buy it now, please PM me and let me know.


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Item sold to SAMSAL818.


Let's make a deal man

Bmxkid91 dont want to deal with the cost of shipping and BalancekillerB hit the BIN and disappeared so its back up.

How is this NOS?? Respectfully asking because to me it looks used? Although great shape I’m not seeing NOS?
Again not being ride jus some people use that term ver loosely

Is floor model that never sold better? Bike shop was closing. I stopped by and saw it was all mountain bike and road bikes. Asked about bmx and the guy said he had two specialized that he got during a christmas promotion. They never sold and he had them stored in the back. I bought one of them and a friend of mine bought the other. I sold mine a few years ago. This is the one my friend bought. He put it in storage. It may of been rode around the driveway but its never been wrecked or left outside and the rims have no brake rub.

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