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Price Dropped! Ready to sell! 1983 SUPERGOOSE

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This a really nice bike, Red line cranks, pro class wheels, pro class stem and bars.  Excellent shape. Supergoose mongoose check out picture of brake bridge. Please feel free to ask questions. This one is American made as you can see on serial number. Serial number I used paint remover to show. However its painted in clear coat over it! This bike is use a a show bike now. Its a Beauty. Shipping is free. Will use Fed ex!  It will be at your home quick! . However, international buyers will pay extra for shipping.  Note.  Sale is final no refunds. Look at pictures an ask questions.

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Rad! Bike boss....

I'm 'diggin that too cool

That is a sharp looking bike, I wish I had room for it!


Love it! Surprised this is still here. You nailed the white and black just perfect cool


AMAZING DEAL!!! Looks like you put a lot of work into this one, you should get more $$$$ for it!

coolcool Great deal! - GLWS