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2002 Enigma Pro XL Frame & Forks

Sep 10 '19 7:49PM PDT
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This sale is for a 2002 Enigma Racing Frame and Fork set in good condition.  Size is Pro XL (175 # weight limit).  The paint is a cool color and looks good.  Minor blemishes here and there.  Under the downtube there are two tiny dings and an minor indention, I will call out.  Honestly, if you were not going over the frame in your hands you would never see em.

The forks are super beefy aluminum forks.  They have a lot of scuffing/scraping in areas, I would say not terribly deep.  They could use some time between light sanding and then polishing, or better yet, put a sticker over it because that's right where the stickers go.

2 tiny dings and 1 minor indention shown in following two pictures


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Bow Creek delivers again!! A sweet and rare frameset Troy, especially with those cool forks!

Don't you know it.....wink  Thanks for stopping by Mick!

So did you find frame and fork together?

Together.  Notice the date on the forks...?  Looks like Oct '01.  Frame ...  "US0702XXXX"  Sounds about right eh?  Fork don't strike you as a match?

No they do. I saw the date and the black and white logo and it struck me as a little older than the frame. All the enigma frames like yours usually come with black forks. But theres always anomalies.

Thanks for the input.  Probably a transitional thing.

Any chance you would sell the forks separately?

No thank you.

Love this ...wish it was a 24 though sad

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