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Hsing TA Pedals 1/2 White HTI-A6 - used and abused Shimano DX Copy

Jun 14 '19 9:04AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK

Paypal only, No trades, No Offers .... Thanks!

Will come in a cardboard mailing box w/ tracking number


Up for sale is (1) used dirty abused mid 80's HTI pedals similar to Shimano DX.

Came off 88 PFT Freestyle bike.

-Pedal spindles are bent, not massively but enough to feel while riding I would think
-Bearings are rough and have lots of play
-Huge amount of road rash on the ends, plastic caps are wasted
-1/2 pedals that fit most 1 piece cranks
-Original paint is dry and faded, missing lot of the finish
-Reflectors are included but are in bad condition, they rattle all over the place

Sold as-is in untested condition, for parts only.

Parts have scratches/wear/weathering/gouges/tool marks/rust/oxidation/tooth wear/damaged teeth/fading/alterations/etc.

Buyer gets both pedals in picture #1, in exact condition.
Pictures are from the exact items.

USPS Priority mail available to the Continental USA or Hawaii only.
Will be sold as-is, I don't accept returns.
Please, no APO's and no Puerto Rico.

I try selling BMX parts here on the Museum first, but then send them to Ebay
if they don't sell. If you find something on Ebay I'm selling that you would
like to purchase send me a PM and maybe we can work out a side deal for a
slightly better price. I sell mountain bike parts on Ebay too, check out my page. … 7675.l2562


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Item sold.

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