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ORIGINAL FINISH - GT "WINGS" 43T Huge White Logo Freestyle Sprocket

Jun 7 '19 11:41AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
GT Bicycles
Chainwheels/Bash Guards

Paypal only, No trades, No Offers .... Thanks!

Part will come in a cardboard mailing box and packed securely w/ tracking number.


Selling (1) used GT Aluminum sprocket 43 tooth in original finish..

This is a genuine late 1980's part, not repop.

The logo area looks decent for being 30+ years old, but far from perfect.

It is out of true a little and will need some straightening. It's not out of true very far.
A couple well placed taps with a rubber mallet should get it straightened out fairly well.
Teeth look decent with no huge damage, normal wear and a few battle scars.

The finish is in rough condition on the backside, with lots of paint peel.

Sold as-is, with original finish   wink

Rider condition, far from perfect.

This came off a Power Series one piece crank with Tange BB (NOT INCLUDED).

Expect scratches/gouges/fading/weathering/wear/weathering/oxidation/crud/rust/missing finish/etc.

Pictures are from the exact sprocket only that the buyer will receive.
Every part in picture #1 will be included, nothing more nothing less.

USPS Priority mail available to the Continental USA, Alaska or Hawaii only.
Will be sold as-is, I don't accept returns.
Please, no APO's and no Puerto Rico.

I try selling BMX parts here on the Museum first, but then send them to Ebay
if they don't sell. If you find something on Ebay I'm selling that you would
like to purchase send me a PM and maybe we can work out a side deal for a
slightly better price. I sell mountain bike parts on Ebay too, check out my page. … 7675.l2562


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