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26"X 1.75 in Red Blue White & black

Apr 4 '18 5:29AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
Tires/Tubes/Valve Caps

Sale is for 1 new pair of 26" x 1.75 GumWall tires Made by Duro in the color you Desire
These tires have been in garage and have been moved around, so they will not be super clean

Smaller sizes available in other postings, in the same colors

Local pickup welcome & save shipping fee,
Shipping fee is across the 48 states only.

Thanks for looking!!!


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pm sent

ill take um

no 26ers!!sad sorry!!!

Hey Jerry, If you still have a pair of the red ones I'll pick them up from you..
Lemme no..

Hey what up man! its been a while! Sounds good, I'll save a pair for you!!

thanks, i"ll hit you up this weekend..

Hey Jerry, happy new year and thanks for the Awsome stuff you sold me. Noel from Reno.

Much props to the BMX 4 Ever bike shop!!cool

smile thanks a million Noel! have a great New Year & Hope 2C U soon! Pm if U need me hold on 2 anything! Thanks jerry!  P. S. Thanks 4 the props!

I would love a blue set. PM sent.

@mikevw57 PM sent!

i may be in for a set...i gatta decide which color as either red or black will work. i will get back to ya.


How will these hold up as riders?

Hey curtis what's up buddy! Hey this seem to hold up pretty good, unless you like to skid away like the good old days big_smile & I only have one set of the Red gumwalls & a few of the black gumwalls.

still available?

I just bought a pair and they are nice.big_smilebig_smile

Your box is full.

Payment sent Thanks.

Whats the PSI on these?

50psi.     I have 3 sets left not sure when I'll get more but the order is in & hope within a few weeks. LMK if you need a pair, thanks

50psi.     I have 3 sets left not sure when I'll get more but the order is in & hope within a few weeks. LMK if you need a pair, thanks

Do yo have blue

Get a few sets & save on the shipping, just ad $2.00 on ea set you get.

When you buy multi pairs you will get discount on ea pair you get as well.                                                             DONT MAKE NO SENS!

when you get red in, please hit me up

pm'd  need 26's


pm sent     USPS Money order ????

Let me know

Sorry,  gotta back out of my PM.

I don't think it will mess you up though,  looks like those tires are hot items.

Found a set from a local buddy.

Thanks for the quick reply to my PM.

They are selling better than the 24s but I did get more hopefully to get me through the summer. . big_smile

Do u have any Blue 26 left?  I NEED them!!!  Thanks

Hey can I get a pair of those red gunwalls plz

I need a pair of 24 inch blue , red and black

I will take a set of 26 in black tan skin wall! Please email me back

How much for 24" white?

are there any 26" ones left?


pls LMK if a set of blue are still available.

any 26' left in black?

hey Jerry still waitn for your postage price to AUST.

Hey Jerry I PM'ed you I think your inbox might be full.
Would like to buy 26" black + tubes deal.  LMK.  cool

I need a black pair shipped. pm a total shipped to Michigan. Thanks

Can you post a picture of the white tires?

I have all 4 colors and sizes,  lmk what you need.  Thanks Jerry

I would like 2x white to uk plz

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