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Hutch chrome straight post early 80s

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Hutch straight seatpost , 14"  long ,  7/8"  , 22.2 mm  ,. Decent chrome  has insertion marks as pictured , has a little crimp where seat guts mount and some flaking chrome started at that spot.  Nice condition , inside of post is nice and pretty clean
Sold as is no returns
If you live in Wisconsin and you want to purchase I have to charge you sales tax so message me prior


How do you know this is a hutch post?  Not being a smart ass, serious, want to know.

Okay thanks.  Not questioning his knowledge at all, just trying to know what look for when he isn't

It comes down to metal material , length, metal thickness , inside diameter and outside diameter of tubing  . And of course knowing who built bike originally and the parts he used. , And United States import/export laws clearly state that a product must have a nation of origin stamping or decal on items not made in u.s.a. .

Is it stamped 22.6?

No stamps