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Duplicate Tuf Neck Hardware Kit

Apr 5 '19 11:18AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK

Your choice Re-made / Duplicate Tuf Neck V1 (6” long bolt, silver stem in pics) or V2 (5-1/2” long bolt, pink stem in pics) stem bolts and wedge hardware kit!

All hardware is brand new and wedge is a re-pop / duplicate! This hardware fits Tuf Neck stems pictured.

What you get is the following:
4 - Face plate bolts
1 - Stem quill bolt
1 - Remanufactured wedge
1 - Large Quill bolt

$45 shipped in the USA, $3 credit to overseas BMX’ers. PM me if you need some! Let your friends know too.

You can check out the website for more details: … dware-kits



Would you have a wedge and big bolt by itself for sale?

Yes, you can choose 5-1/2" or 6" long bolt and wedge for $25/shipped in the USA, $3 credit to overseas BMX’ers.

How much for a 6" stem bolt, wedge, and the cap bolts please? I don't need the big bolt, buddy.

Ok BMX'ers, lots of inquiries about individual parts. Here is the price break out for each pc. I sell individually:

Long quill bolt, 5-1/2" or 6" available with wedge - $25
Wedge only - $20, make sure your long quill bolt has the correct threads (3/8-16TPI).
Big stem body to quill bolt - $17
Top cap bolts (5/16-18TPI), these can be bought at your local hardware store for less than $3. I do NOT sell them separately, unless you are buying some of the other bits I will add them for $3.

cool I would like the kit in your picture, minus the big bolt. So that would be $28 correct?

I would like the big stem body to quill bolt.


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