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2002 Azusa 20" Complete

May 13 '19 10:33AM PDT
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Well, I have decided to part with my original Azusa 20".  This bike is easily the one single bike I have felt the most attached to my entire life.  I could get deep into why, but that could get boring.  Anyway, the time has come.  What I would like to point out about this bike, are several items that I think I did first, among all Azusa's.
1st Welded-on Seat Post Clamp.  OK, maybe one or two others also did this to their first-gen Azusa bikes.  And there is no way to know who actually got theirs through the weld shop first. But suffice it to know that I had my weld-on binder bolt at the ready when my frame was delivered, and it went right to the welder before it was ever built or painted. 
1st Tri-Color paint job.  This is the original paint, and there are some scrapes in it.
1st and only Custom Made Azusa chain tensioners.  (I do have one other set, but they had the axle holes drilled off location, and I have not reworked them to make them serviceable.  But I may.)

This bike also has early edition products from my company, RetroBMX, which I formed explicitly to make parts for this bike.  (The Azusa project inspired me to start the company.)  So, you get a first-gen RetroBMX seat, from back when they were made for me by SDG.  The seat has been crashed.  If you want, I can re-upholster the cover with a brand new cover.   And you get an early-gen (I won't say first-gen) RetroBMX Pro Neck-style stem. 

Other notable parts:
TNT 3-pc Cranks and Retro sprocket.  These cranks are very rare.  Here we have a excellent-condition set.
Retro-new school Shimano DX platform pedals - in excellent condition.
TNT Retro Bars.  Note that the crossbar is oval...somewhat reminicent of JMC bars.
Tioga Comp III Grips.  Very rare to find these fact - I think that Azusa head-cheese TurboTodd was the idea-man behind the Comp III grips.
Tioga Comp III Skinwalls in Fat/Skinny
Bullseye hubs (Silver/Black combo laced into Araya Super 7X Chrome rims)  Note that these are 32 hole hubs/rims (lighter/faster/more trick.)
The rear brake is an Odyssey A-Brake, painted red to match the frame.

I stickered this as a JMC.  I guess, to me, I always thought of this as a 2002 JMC.  But I do have an original Azusa sticker set, which I will include.  If you want to re-sticker it, the choice is yours.

Let's talk about the Azusa/JMC thing.  If you don't know, Todd Britton hatched the idea to make a retro-inspired, current-day capable BMX bike in 2001.  He spoke to Jim Melton about resurrecting the JMC brand.  Jim didn't go for that, but he did give his nod of approval, and Todd named his project "Azusa Racing" after the name of the California city which JMC Racing called home. 

There were only 25 Azusa 20" framesets, and 25 24" framesets, in the original project.  This one is serial #18.

Many years transpired, and Todd has lately been growing the Azusa Racing brand to include more 24” and 26” cruisers.  But think about this: You can definitely point to Azusa as being the inspiration of the current retro craze.   Whether or not the Azusa brand grows and continues (which I think it will) there will only be 25 of the first generation of Azusa 20” EVER.  To me, and I know this may offend some purists, but this bike is just as rare and collectable as an early-serial number JMC.
For shipping, please note the Hard-side plastic case in the last photo.  Your bike will be shipped in this case, with custom-cut foam on the inside.  This will provide you with great method to transport the bike in the future.
Payment will be by friends-and-family in Paypal.  If we are not friends yet, please check my feedback on BMXmuseum or my feedback on eBay (user name: retroBMX).   I will hold up my end of the packaging/shipping, and you will be happy with this bike.
Thanks for reading all this!  Posted to multiple places…I will try to honor the age-old "dibs" rule, but realize that may be a challenge.  I promise great communication during and after the sale, so you will always know where you stand, and where the bike is at.    International shipping can be quoted.


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Super cool

I remember those, I bought one of each, wasn't Bill Ryan the Builder ? that was  long before BMX Museum and you could buy them through the Vintage BMX. Com website I remember trying to get the money together to buy the 24 in, cool bikes for sure, great story of inspiration for your business! Bike  looks fantastic !

The grips look amazing comp lll cool

Very cool bike!


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