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Proponent Brake Set Front and Rear #246 FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING.

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Proponent Brake Set Front and Rear brake calipers. Used.

Ships promptly, to the US for free. Insurance is at the buyers expense.  I ship worldwide for the price shown, but Malaysian residents will pay $28 usd for shipping on this item. Thank you for your understanding. Your country does not track First Class packages. The international price is for first  class, so I will have to ship it as Priority to your country. It will arrive quicker though.Intl buyers pm for shipping quotes. It is your responsibility as the buyer to keep up with customs and fees. I am not responsible for any items returned or returned postage. This is why you should always keep track of your TRACKING NUMBER. Paypal, money order, cash or facebook payment. NO TRADES! I will only hold it for you for one week, if you are willing to pay by mo. If you have a an issue with check out, send payment to IF you send me a pm, please make sure to include a link to the item in question. Please do not leave the conversation open, if you buy an item and then inquire about another item or items than please give me a yes or no. Not doing so may or may not cause a delay in processing your order. Thanks. *Missouri residents will pay a sales tax. While I know this sucks, there is nothing I can do about it unfortunately. If stupid paypal fails to add sales tax to your total, I will have to ask you for it. Thank you for your understanding.

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