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1984 Skyway T/A Frame

Mar 13 '19 6:03AM PDT
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
Frame Only

Has dent area in top tube and areas around top 2-3” of set post tube ( not sure if repair or what’s up at post area)

Some  lines or grind marks on metal, I believe to take paint that was on it

Maybe a tiny split left side of keyhole, I can’t feel anything inside post hole

Pm me if wanting
Shipped 250$ mainland U.S.


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Item sold to Nesto21gt.


$250 frame all day - surprised it's still here! GLWS.

Thanks! I know. Can’t believe no one has bought it. Last I heard from skyway guys it’s an 83-84 in the middle due to arched break bridge

Ya seems like a good deal to me but I think if it were stripped raw so people could see exactly what was under that finish it would move quicker. cool

Thanks for the advise. I will strip it down and show it that way .

I know I’d probably grab it if it was stripped or at least be more inclined too. Sweet frame though, so I gotta ask. Did you dent it? cool frame no matter what

I am going to strip it within a day or so. I had a local guy contact me through a friend who had it. It was the Skyways 2nd owner. I am not sure who dented it

coolcool If I weren’t in a tight spot, I would have hit the buy it now button already. I’ll be in touch if things change. Thanks for going the extra mile and stripping that down! Stay Rad Bro

No Sweat. Just wanted all to be

I does kinda look like brass may have been welded into a hairline crack in the seat mast.
Is that a hairline crack in the RH rear dropout?

Got ya .
I don’t think hairline at drop but will check as soon as I can work work work. Getting a lot of people interested. Someone needs to pull the trigger on this and make it killer again cool

I see no hairline cracks at drop outs

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