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Fork stander

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Item sold to Rachatum (2020-07-09 10:54am)

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Nice, fork stander, the original owner said it came on his skyway when new, for 1 inch bmx fork, with old bmx parts there is going to be some ware, not new, as is, No returns or refunds

I'll ship it as fast as I can Thanks

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Dam these almost never pop up !!!  GLWS

lol these pop up on the bay pretty often lol

Wow Pacific Freestyle Fork Stand nice cool


Goro Tamai GT rider used that for the rolling hand stands

This is not a Pacific freestyle, way better built, unless I'm wrong.

It's a Pacific freestyle fork stander.

Sweet!  I have one NOS still in the bag, $9.95 price tag still intact.  Not sure what I'm saving it for but they are really cool.