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L&S Creation-Boss F/F XXL

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If you ever wanted a L&S Creation/ Boss to build- this is the one! USA made in California by the master Carlo Lucia & Sons. From my personal collection, this F/F was NOS before building it this year. Absolutely mint. Factory decals. Serial# XXL128. I believe it's a 1992, late 1991. One very small ding on top of rear chainstay on left side in front of dropout- not noticable. No other blemishes. Undrilled forks, great dropouts, etc. I can send more pics. If you want the Mori/Epoch headset, toss in $80 more.

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What is the top tube length on those things? Very nice!

I believe its 21.25" great for tall dudes big_smile

That bike is beast