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S-Works 2001. Specialized

Feb 11 '19 4:03PM PST
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Definitely, I need to go soon. Honestly I am loosing money here. I did some upgrades on she. With this price I think she must gone if not I will keep on my garage for better times.

Some parts she has:

S&M bars
Profile top load stem 53 mm
Specialized grips
Supercross seat
MacNeil seatpost
Avid lever and break
Odyssey cable
Chrisking headset
Alex X rims 303
Specialized tires
Fork Marzocchi
Redline proline185mm
Redline spider
Specialized plastic pedals

Zeronine OG Bars pad, OG THE frame pad, OG Tangent number plate, and OG Flite grips donuts are NOT included.

This is my 20” team Specialized 21,5 TT . S-Works 2001. Rear Chain Stays are 01 Style, Paint is 02

20’  2001 Specialized S-Works. Used but in very very nice condition. Please expect some marks, nicks, scratches,scuffs but nothing horribles, I covered them (touch re paint carefully or put decals).

It is a lovely light bike. I put on she extras like a new OG specialized grips , a new OG specialized pedals, a new odyssey cable, a new NOS OG Avid lever, a New OG Supercross seat and I also put an OG specialized tires with more than 80% of life! . Definitely it is a great bike!
I'm only selling to raise money for a new bike.

Thanks for look!

Please, the overall on this bike is in good condition, you can not expect a mint bike, show bike but yes, ride good condition. Thrust me, for this price she looks very nice and she not has a big issues, at the final she is in good condition. Again, had some details That I re touched carefully with paint and put extra decals. I am a picky guy!
More pics, please let me know!

Some specs:
Difference with Hemi-Pro
“S-works Frames in 01-03 have CNC relieved Head Tube, Bottom Bracket, and CNC Rear Frame Gusset.  02-03 Hemi Comp and Hemi Pro did not have this stuff”

I also found this information about my bike into the bmx museum. I would like share with you:

Prototype 2001 with 2002 scheme color. Only one bends like 2001 frames. 2002 frame came with 2 bends in rear stays.
This frame is “ Hand welded Proto-type Frame. Rear Chain Stays are 01 Style, Paint is 02.
This is a 2002 Factory Proto-type S-works Frame.  It has NO serial number.  The major difference is the lower rear chain stays are strait.  This is the same style stays that the 2001 S-works had.  But this one has the 2002 Paint Scheme.  The 2002 S-Works frames came with 2 bends in the rear Stays.  This would have had to be a early release to a Factory sponsored Rider.  Looking for Pictures of 2002's racing in Sept-Nov of 2001.  There has to only be a handful of these around that have the 02 Paint with 01 Stays”



cool bike!!


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