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S-Works 2001. Specialized

Feb 25 '19 10:13PM PST
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This is my 20” team Specialized 21,5 TT . S-Works 2001. Rear Chain Stays are 01 Style, Paint is 02.

I put some upgrades on it after I bought.

Some parts it has:

S&M bars
Profile top load stem 53 mm
Specialized grips
Supercross seat
MacNeil seatpost
Avid lever and break
Odyssey cable
Chrisking headset
Alex X rims 303 with specialized hubs
Specialized tires
Marzocchi Fork
Redline proline185mm
Redline spider
Specialized plastic pedals

Used but in good condition. Please expect some marks, nicks, scratches,scuffs but nothing horribles, I covered them (touch re paint carefully or put decals).

It is a lovely light bike. I put on she extras like a new OG specialized grips , a new OG specialized pedals, a new odyssey cable, a new NOS OG Avid lever, a New OG Supercross seat and I also put an OG specialized tires with more than 80% of life! . Definitely it is a great bike!
I'm only selling to raise money for a new bike.

Thanks for look!

Please, the overall on this bike is in good condition, you can not expect a mint bike, show bike but yes, ride good condition. Thrust me, for this price she looks very nice and she not has a big issues, at the final she is in good condition. Again, had some details That I re touched carefully with paint and put extra decals. I am a picky guy!
More pics, please let me know!

Some consideration:
Difference with Hemi-Pro
“S-works Frames in 01-03 have CNC relieved Head Tube, Bottom Bracket, and CNC Rear Frame Gusset.  02-03 Hemi Comp and Hemi Pro did not have this stuff”

I also found this information about my bike into the bmx museum. I would like share with you:

Prototype 2001 with 2002 scheme color. Only one bends like 2001 frames. 2002 frame came with 2 bends in rear stays.
This frame is “ Hand welded Proto-type Frame. Rear Chain Stays are 01 Style, Paint is 02.
This is a 2002 Factory Proto-type S-works Frame.  It has NO serial number.  The major difference is the lower rear chain stays are strait.  This is the same style stays that the 2001 S-works had.  But this one has the 2002 Paint Scheme.  The 2002 S-Works frames came with 2 bends in the rear Stays.  This would have had to be a early release to a Factory sponsored Rider.  Looking for Pictures of 2002's racing in Sept-Nov of 2001.  There has to only be a handful of these around that have the 02 Paint with 01 Stays”



cool bike!!


That’s a good deal.

Jesus, free shipping too.  Somebody jump on this.

Thank you! I am really loosing money here although, nobody yet push the button! sad

I bought this bike from him in March and yes it is that great!!

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