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2016 Standard 250L complete S&M Primo T1 Merritt Odyssey

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Item sold to FatGuy (2019-01-26 4:11pm)


2016 Standard frame, 21” TT, 13.25 CS, 4 lbs 11oz, mid BB. No cracks or repairs. Has 2 small dents in the top tube as pictured and the lower part of the head tube has a grind scratch. Scratches on the paint. All just cosmetic stuff the over frame is in great shape. Brake tabs not included.
S&M Widemouth tapered PF
FSA headset
S&M Redneck LT
T1 bars
Animal grips and ends
S&M seat
Pr1mo clamp
Ody Thunderbolts 175mm
Ody Hawk 30t sprocket
Cult half link
Merritt freecoaster Cinema 777-rear
Cinema 777 complete front
Animal Tom White Walls 2.20

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$320 shipped west of Mississippi

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Nice deal! :cool:

+1 Nice deal :cool:

Let me know if the sale does not go down.  Great bike.