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GT stem missing wedge and bolt

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Item sold to GTbikesIlikes (2019-01-09 1:29pm)

  • Sold2019-01-09 1:29pm
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Pretty decent stem. Needs stem bolt.
No hammer marks. Shaft is straight

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Dang !

Franking score!!!   2nd dibs just in case.  :lol:

I go to the restroom for 30 seconds and I miss this. ugh!

I guess I should’ve researched the sold section a little more.
Lol nice grab



9 days in and we have the best deal of the year.. wow

Dang it,nice pick up!

Holy crap ola!:o:o


oh my lord!!!!!!!   Scott, you lucky guy!

This is killing me.

I have a Want ad For one of these.