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1984 26x 1.75 unstamped Ukai rims

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26x1.75 rims ( 36h ) These came off a 1984 Bianchi Grizzly, the first mtb Bianchi made.

Back is nice, no dents or damage, just scratches.
The sides of both smooth. No deep brake rub

I still have the frame, cranks, and
  bull / moose  bars ...good stuff.

Since there's no stamp , I'm selling as unknown , but will post my research...I saved it somewhere.
If I remember, Ukai made these for Bianchi but didn't stamp them.

No pay pal.

Money order , check, gift card, credit card,
MoneyGraham , or Facebook pay
( messinger )

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Is the seam opposite the hole welded?

I don't do pay pal....we've done this before.

I've sold over 100 items with only 36 feedback.roll
so if you're still stuck on pay pal,
Just a reminder, I don't send anything out until I'm holding the cash

And yes, weld is opposite of valve.

Looks like a Araya 7x unstamped.

I thought so too
the 1984 Bianchi Grizzly spec sheet might of said unstamped araya.
It's one of them.