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NOS American Bicycle Manufacturing Racetech Frame

Jun 16 '19 2:57PM PDT
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American Bicycle Manufacturing
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NOS American Bicycle Manufacturing Racetech Frame with all the original hardware and even the original bag.  Please do not hesitate to ask for more pics.  Will not ship international at the time.

Some history on the frame...  Borrowed from another for sale post.

This is one of the frames on the Jeff Haney rarest 49 frames ever. Frame is made of aluminum and has some of the most spectacular welds ever seen , even to this day, put that with the very unique head tube and adjustable headset design , killer looks and you have one sick addition to your old school BMX collection. People say 30 to 60 were made - most have no decals- , and one guy has about 5 of those , Jeff Haney has/had one.
These frames were never really ever released other then a few in Minnesota the company quickly made the moves to Mountain Bikes which was the hot emerging market, and are famous for making and selling a 25-35K? mountain bike made of Beryllium in the early 1990s.

Jeff Haney's 49 Rare Frames List
1.  Hutch 24K gold trickstar , not woody's but the few that were special ordered
2.  Black Hutch Judge only two or three ever made
3.  Tour weapon Hutch Judge about 12 made
4.  Profile double bar
5   CW Phaze 24
6   Skyway 24
7.  Looptail quad 26/24
8.  GJS 24
9.  Candy green Hutch Judge, I think Eric Carters was the only one and it was stolen in NC
10. Hutch aluminum Lil Hole shot , 10 times more rare then the alloy Hutch Jr and a totally different frame
11. JMC DY with flanged BB
12  Andy Patterson JMC with flanged BB
13. Black chrome GT
14. Round tube 1st gen PK Ripper
15. LRP
15. K&S racing
16. Race Tech , adjustable headset, less than 60 made
17. 1st gen looped BB STR1 , around 5 made ?
18. TW racer , 3 or 4 made
19. 1983 Black chrome GT
20. Square tube slingshot
21. Any Nomura
22. Dale racing frame sets
23. Tuff Neck/Superbyke Chromoly Super Cheetah
24. Redline Monoshock only around 35 produced
25. R&R Squareback , Only two found
26. GJS Big tube
27. Factory gold looptail PK Ripper
28. Doug Schwerma Champion
29. Freshour
30. DRP
31. Pedals ready GT
32. single gussett Kuwahara ph34r.gif
33. 1982/83 GT pit bike
34. VDC pit
35. Hutch/ JMC/ powerlite, Torker,cooks pit
36. Palfreyman Redline looptail
37. Nomura mini sinlgle tube, only one made.... CW Phaze Jr around 200 , Maximum mini around 200
38. Blazer
39. Early looptail Rebel
40. First gen black chrome Vector
41. Maximum Pro or Cruiser
42  A&A
43. 1st generation Patterson sentry
44. Torker monster
45. G-Boy with fork
46. DG with open gussett
47. 1st generation 1980 CW Z with teardrop top tube
48. CW Brassie
49. FMF team Pro

American Bicycle Manufacturing , founded by Fred Schilplin was located in St. Cloud Minnesota. Early on, ABM was known for well fabricated aluminum mountain bike frames and their patented adjustable head tubes.

The head cups were eccentric and held in place by pinch bolts. By loosening the bolts and realigning the headset cups you could change the head angle from 67.75 through 74.25 degrees.
Somewhere in the timeframe of 1983-1984, ABM decided to offer a BMX frame under their “Race Tech” division. It was a brief endeavor that was quickly discontinued.

In 1984 Frederick Schilplin III (February 16, 1947- April 13, 2005) founded and was president of American Bicycle Manufacturing. Located in St. Cloud, Mn, the company made many bikes, including a famous Beryllium mountain bike frame, with a cool $25,000 price tag. For us bmx'ers, ABM made freestyle and bmx frames under the Race Tech division. These aluminum frames were made from 6061 aluminum, tig welded and heat treated to a t6 hardness. The frames had adjustable head tubes (66 3/4 - 74 1/4 degrees) by using eccentric head cups held in place by pinch bolts. Around 1984 Shawn Sheely raced/developed for them, and his first project was the freestyle frame. Freestyle numbers are at least 1 prototype with knurled top tubes, and 1-10 production frames. Bmx numbers are around 50 production, with at least 1 custom built to racers specs. Where are these bikes now? ABM is Minnesota's most famous bike company, making unique, quality bikes for many years.

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More Pics? I need to be Schooled on this. What a truly Radical concept!

Wow big_smile

I hated this frame BITD, seemed like problems waiting to happen. Now, it was way ahead of it's time and I really appreciate the ingenuity that went into it. Honestly, I would love to have it.

So Awesome.

very cool indeed...

lvd the write-up...very interesting, and a great informative read.

TY4 posting

How is the SE JU-6 missing from the 49 rarest BMX frames list? I heard there are less than 9 known to exist worldwide. I had on in 1978-1980, and they were super rare back then too.

Super cool. I live in St. Cloud where these were made. A buddy of mine has serial #1 of the 10 freestyle frames they made. Pretty badass rides. Glws!

Cool find NOS? show us a picture all bagged up!

What year would this frame be?


Thanks for the share and information, amazing piece of art an time capsule. coolcoolcool

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