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S&M 89 Dirt bike frame-rare GT made

Nov 10 '11 6:00PM PST
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1989 GT made S&M Dirt bike Frame with 20.25 top tube and machined head tube and bottom bracket.The serial reads 6890xx with PSM stamped below it.The frame is in good raw
used condition with one tiny ding on the left seat stay it is the dark spot on the photo and a tiny bit of sprocket rub that is in the photo of the chain stay close to the bottom bracket not bad but wanted to mention both of them,no other dings i could find.The brake bridge has 2 little marks from a pitbull brake that was mounted.


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did you sand that with a sponge sander? Or is that how that babes' paint is supposed to look..

There is no paint on it,the frame was spray bombed green vary thin and when i remove it this is how it looks,i don't think it was ever  painted by the factory and probably was raced raw BITD.

i am now a s&m fan.

I would think that if it had been raw for 20 years, there would be much more patina.  Odd that the raw is so clean.

They were factory painted, not powdered back then. The paint comes off pretty easy with stripper. I have one of these frames with black spraybomb over OG black paint, and it came right off with stripper. I don't think anyone offered raw frames back when this was done, that is a kinda new trend.

i believe if he sanded the frame or something the heat impressions would have been removed at the welds.roll

i did not intend for the rolleyes on my last post, idk why that happened

This frame sat in my garage for over 10 years sprayed green,i stripped it super easy but it was not factory paint,the bottom sides of the frame were missed all together by paint.This is exactly how it looked when i removed the spray paint.

cool frame whatever colour it was.
love early s&m's

Strange I see this post at this time.I just scored one of these at a garage sale in Missouri and the paint as he describes was the same "Very thin and didn't even make it in tight areas". This headtube is what caught my eye.These bikes are VERY light weight.

Looks like a late 80's early 90's Gt frame...even the serial number kinda looks :cool:like my MachOne

Local pick up 350.00,i will bring it to the whittier  bike swap meet saturday 10-8-11

keep it and build an awsome bike smile

Last 3 pics are new pics showing the top tube length and rear drop out with serial number and the chain stay tubes are open ends like 80's GT's where they are welded on the drop outs.

still really would love to have this frame neutral

all S&M raw frames are clear coated to protect the metal and to preserve the look..they still do it today

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