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Nov 3 '11 3:05PM PDT
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Here's a true survivor from 1974, when the sport of BMX first started making an impact. Most of the early bikes mimicked motorcycles, hence the shocks and its beefy structure.

This is all original. Tires included. This is the only one of these that's known to exist. This would be cool to any Old School Collection.

Bike could use a good tune-up and some work on the front shocks, but very fixable.

Please, no tire kickers. Additional pictures for serious inquries.

ONLY Trades I'd interested in, are OS 26" Cruisers. No New school cruise'sr or retro's


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Item sold.


Great bike!  Gotta love the mono-shocks!  How about some more pics for those of us who may not be able to afford the bike but are interested in BMX history?  What kind of wheels are on it?  Is the front 20 or 22"?  Does the swing arm hit the frame?  Doesn't seem to be a lot of clearance at the end of the shock.  I guess you don't have to worry about the seat-post bending.  Literally like riding on a rail.  Again, great bike and I would like to see more of it.


Bringing out the big guns! Nice stuff Roc!!

man , i want this bike ! you are killing me roc . sad

Well done Roc. A superstar of a bike.

holy sheite ......a classic beauty

Holy cow, I have to collect my exploded head. That is otherworldly.

I have researched this bike off and on for 5 years. It is neat to see another one. I have one that I got when I was about 8 years old minus the front fork and I have never seen one other than mine and this one.
If anybody wants pics please let me know how to post them

i own this now . and would love to see pics of yours . to post pics you need to use photobucket . or if you want you can email them to me .

Here is a picture of the bike: … ure002.jpg

When I was about 11 years old this bicycle was stolen from my back yard and sold to a neighborhood kid who was then stopped by my father while riding through our yard. Our property was a shortcut through the neighborhood that bypassed a rather large hill. The kid’s parents claimed that they had bought everything but the wheels so the ones in the pictures are not the originals.
Believe it or not it was stolen a second time. I was going to visit my Dad at a job sight and had stopped on the way to watch Southern Pacific switch some railroad cars at which time it was stolen again. I got to the job sight and told my Dad and his co-workers what had happened and after work one of the them went to the theft sight and found the bicycle in the bushes. Lucky me!!
Unfortunately for the Eagle, later I bought a redline frame and built another BMXR and the Eagle has been sitting ever since. There is only surface rust and I plan in the future to restore it as it was originally when my Dad built it.

Bike is now restored. You can see it by clicking here:

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