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NEW 3/8" Axle F&R Set

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NEW 3/8" Axles - COMPLETE Front and Rear SET! Rear is a 175mm and Front a 135mm.

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will this work on 1st gen HP 48's loose ball?

Hmmm...Not sure...

I looked a little closer and the cones are different for the front and the front axle on the peregrines are slotted

any chance you could provide some specs on these?  overall lengths, race lengths, 26t?  thx man.

I need these to replace the bent axles  in some crappy old mags I have.
No clue if they would work though.
Any idea if they would fit my F.I.S. (Skyway knock-off) mags?

Not sure on the race lengths, or T count..

But this rear axle may be too long for your mag...I will post lenght measurement in a bit...

The rear axle length wouldn't matter too much - I plan on putting pegs on there.
I believe the one that came on it was 155mm.