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First Gen Un-knurled Hutch Pro Bars

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First gen. unknurled Hutch Pro Bars with the thin cross bar.   Removed from a '82/'83 Hutch Pro Racer.  Minor rust under the cross bar, some scratches and scuffs (pics show the worst of it), and very slight peppering of the chrome on the bottom.  Most would clean up with some Naval jelly.  No peeling of the chrome that I can see and looks to be in good shape otherwise.  No noticeable crimping or flattening from the clamp.  No cracks or rewelds.  Not cut, 28 1/2" wide.   Not a perfect set of bars, but in really good rider shape.  Uncut.  PM with questions BEFORE dibbing, Dibs rules in effect. 

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Sure they aren't 2nd gen?

I believe they are 2nd gen as well. I have a set just like those and thought they were 1st gen as well, but after some help on here found out they were 2nd gen's. Still nice bars though.

Hmmmm, it was my understanding they were first gen.  Thin crossbar with no knurling.  How can I tell the difference between 1st and 2nd gen?

yup thin cross bar where 1'st gens.. second gens had a thicker cross bar..

The cross bar seems thin to me?  If anyone can tell me these are not 1st gens for a fact, I'll change the listing and price.    smile

1st gens are more rounded at the bottom with the thin cross bar.  These look more squarish like 2nd gens....but I may be wrong smile

I've been dropping the price as the discussion continues.  They are off a Pro Racer with 123 in the serial #.  Were 1st gens made in '83?

dibs bars per PM

Not 1st gens Hutch bars. 1st gens were roundy on the bottom.

They are 2nd gen Hutch bars, 1/2" crossbar.  You could scale the photo.  Introduced around mid 83,  1st gen were rounded on bottom, but it was easier for them to produce the smaller bend radius without error.  Hence the longer 28 1/2" bar with smaller bend radius.  They then shortened the bars to 28" to meet NBL/ABA max rules.  So they are the very first of the 2nd gens.

Good to know the info of the bars here. smile