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Competition III brand new tires 20 x 2.125 only

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For sale, beautiful iconic comp 3 tires, brand new, re-pops, awesome quality, ready to mount for a bike show or a  riding bike.
Ready to buy. We only have 20×2.125 in stock.
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Are these originals or repops?

Definitely re-pops

Nice. Always liked these. I really don't care that they were reproduced. Just put em that carpet queen and go ridin!

Very nice and tempting... GLWS.

Are these still available?

Are these still available?

Just bought them,and here in Utah...

still available can post internationally

still available? I'm in Canada

are these still available?

If ad is up, tires still available.

im ordering a set of 20 x 1.75

Any other colors?

No colors, just black, sorry.