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Hutch Pro Racer Forks! OG Chrome nice condition!

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Item sold to SKYWAYNE1026 (2011-07-29 7:13pm)

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Up for grabs is a set of early Hutch Pro Racer Chrome forks.  Undrilled.  Chrome is good. Check the pics.  Some scrapes on the bottom of the one fork as you can see in the pics. Initials???
On each drop there is a hair-line crack/fracture as can be seen in the picture.  Sorry, don't want to mislead anybody.

International buyers please PM me first so we can reach agreement on shipping charges.

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The area on the inner left dropout in the photo, near the edge of the axle slot, a line which migrates vertical in both directions, what is that?

almost looks like a crack hmm

Yes, I've gone back an editted the post to add that.  Sorry for not getting it in there originally.

wish those were trickstar fork sad

Paid, thank you.