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Redline Proline Flick Trix-silver

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  • Posted2018-05-03 7:20pm
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Redline Proline Trix finger bikes /silver-$15 US shipped in USA, other destinations PM me if shipping is possible or even affordable in your case. Look at the other ones I have listed and we can save you some $$ by going to the same happy home.

A note to all that shipping has gone crazy across the board and nothing I have control over.  I do work with buyers when they purchase multiples so please keep that in mind when considering the rest of the goods I have up for sale.  PM me if you want exact price and I can invoice you via Pay Pal.  Or yet better Chase Quick Pay.

Need more photos or questions:  PM, email OR text 1.708.624.1580-thanks for looking. Please allow me 24 Hours Reply time.  I ship as quickly as humanly possible but keep in mind this a hobby and not a full time job.  I provide feedback upon receipt of payment as a courtesy please let me know if something is wrong and allow me to fix/discuss with you rather than posting negative feedback. I do my best to honestly describe my items up for sale and reserve the right to sell to whom I choose.  If you have less 10 feed back contact me first before buying.  Thanks for checking out my items offered for sale.

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