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1984 SKYWAY TA F/F - U.S.A. Made

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Item sold to Bporter (2018-04-21 7:06pm)


This is one of my prized possessions that I need to sell. Have a debt lingering and want to knock it down if not out. I will send more pics to whomever needs

Now, this is 100% factory chrome and decals! Chrome is unbelievable! Has some very light surface rub from a brake cable on top tube. Camera can hardly pic it up. Drops are EX-NM with such minimal washer wear! No tweeks, bends, breaks, cracks or repairs. Decals are EX++ condition!! I can't quite call them NM as there are some edges roughed up and peeled a little. PICTURES DO NOT DO THIS F/F JUSTICE!

There are tight spots that have some peppering but it's not bad at all! I could have taken an SOS pad and touched up the chrome a bit but it really doesn't need it. It is absolutely beautiful and this is why it's my most prized possession!

I don't know what else to say but this will be the one that replaces your TA if you want an upgrade.  18.5" top tube

$20 is for U.S. Shipping

PayPal accepted - I will ship this worldwide for $95

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Stunning frame.

Nice set

TT 18.5 ??

Yes 18.5"

Gorgeous original frameset!

Bporter!!! I accept your offer, check your messages yikes




Nice grab