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DK Seatpost Clamps Anodized Red and Blue 7/8" and 1"

Jul 4 '16 6:12PM PDT
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I have a limited quantity of DK RED and Blue annodized seat post clamps in 7/8" (mini) and 1"(std. old school)    $24.99 each , let me know what size and color and PM me for paypal info. I also have polished. These were originally polished clamps that I sent out for anodizing at the same place that does Paul stuff. The polished ones are still in the package, but the anodized ones were removed for anodizing. Please measure the O.D. of your frame's seat tube before ordering .Thanks!


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Item sold.


PS, some of them have the original wrapper and some do not, Thanks.

any pics of the ones pagkaged?

I want a red 1" in the package if possible

1" Red  for me also... pm sent

payment sent .... cool

are they real DK or what, can i see og package

Hi, they are real DK, I am a DK dealer, but I sent them out for anodizing,Thanks.

Are the 1' clamps the thicker ones?

Yes, they are thicker than the 7/8",thanks.

I'll take a blue one 1 1/8 if you still have.. PM Sent..

7/8" Red &blue 1 each  for me also... pm sent

Dibs on a 1" blue seat clamp. Paypal sent, thanks Alan

what's left?

Your PM box is full please empty!

Do you have any of these in red left?

Payment sent for Red DK 1" seat clamp!


I'll dib a 7/8 red and a 7/8 blue

I picked up a 1 1/8 from this guy in the package for my Redline and these are nice! Good seller here.

I need a blue 1 1/8. What is the paypal?

What is lift.

I'm looking for a red 1", are they available? Dibs on one if they are!!
----And Paid!!

Dibs red 1 1/8 if available

dibs one 7/8" in blue... PAID

any of the 1" blue or red left?

I need a blue 1 1/8 if you have any left - let me know

1 1/8" are sold out.

Do you have any red 7/8 left?

Yes we do.

Do you have any 1" Red left?

Any more blue 1"?  Send me a PM if so thanks!

Mp sent

I'd like to purchase a blue one and in one inch... if they're still available please let me know,thanks

20 smackeroos on its way

They are $24.99 , I also have polished ones .Thanks

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