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NOS Hutch Pro 2nd generation unknurled bars in chrome

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Straight out of the vault!!

Brand new - NOS Hutch Pro 2nd generation unknurled bars with original chrome and decals.
Bars measure approximately 71cm in length & approximately 19.5cm heigh.
Both the coin decals have slight scuffs (see pics) but are 100% original.
There is some very minor chrome pitting in certain areas but you need to look very closely to see anything & there is also a tiny spot where the chrome has peeled off - again, see the pics for reference
30+ years old and in near perfect condition. Never installed, ridden or used in any way shape or form!!

NOTE: These are NOT reissues, 100% NOS from the early 1980's!

Worldwide Shipping = $40.00

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PM me if you have any questions.

I can only ship Fri/Sat!

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