1981 Diamond Back Pro (Great Shape!)

Jan 31 '18 1:05PM PST
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Diamond Back
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Im selling a 1981 Diamond Back Pro. Bike is in great shape. Decals are still pretty nice and it has the tinniest bit of rust that could be cleaned up quick with some vinegar.
From what i can see everything is original but the grips and tires.
Suzue hubs laced to Araya rims.
The anodizing is still great on this bike!
Shimano 600 cranks in amazing shape.
KKT Lightning pedals
Diamond back stem and seat.
If you have any questions about the bike or price please hit me up!


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Item sold to mongoosefs1.


Dibs pending postage cost to uk

Great deal! Nice DB!

If this falls through I got 2 nd dib please. I’m in USA.

3rd dibs, been searching for one of these.

Can't believe this is sale pending . Thought I had first dibs.

Great price

Omg... Im sick... What a deal! Im in Fourth Dibs lol... Deal of the Decade.

Wow !!! That's a steal !!!
Deal of the week !!

U dont have dibs unless your going to buy it 100%  thats my opinion.

Was there a buy now button? If so, dibs doesn’t apply. Anyone can click it and own it.

Good deal for sure.

Sweet deal. Wow

Unconditional dibs

PAID!! cool

As a new (Pro) member, this scenario doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the “dibs” system. I hope some clarification can be posted, please.

Nice grab mongoosefs1!

DBboy74 - It wasn't a dibs sale. There was a Buy Now button.

Thank you Spintech. Looking forward to building my feedback and I didn’t want to get discouraged with this. Thanks.

I applaud the seller's asking price.  It is nice to know that there are still people who are willing to not charge extraordinary amounts for old school bmx bikes.

yikes DEAL! Nice grab mongoosefs1

mini pro....

Not a mini! tonguebig_smilecool

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