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Hutch Chrome Pro Racer XL 21" 2012 #0006

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Item sold to RAN-BMX (2018-08-13 4:43pm)


Hutch 2012 Pro XL #0006 21” sorry but I put this one together with the intention of riding it, you can see when it was together in my bikes section, until after about 3 rides I realized it’s too small for my liking, it’s been sitting on my shelf now for almost 3 years now, I did no hard core riding or jumping just light curb jumping plus I only rode it 3 times, so there is no cracks, dents scratches rust, nothing but shinny new chrome, both drop outs are excellent almost looks like I never mounted wheels but it has a slight imprint from wheel bolts in which is normal,  as for the fork I damaged the thread when taking out the star so the thread may be damaged when using the Hutch Star bolt/stem and this is why the low price, also free shipping and it will be shipped in the original numbered Hutch Box.

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Why is it too small for your liking? Are you too tall for it, if so what is your height? Are you too heavy for it, ballpark it if you're not comfortable. I'm asking because I want to know if I will also feel that it is too small for me. Thank you.

oh sorry maybe I should have clarified, I use to ride a RL 20-II, I just like a longer frame, I have to struggle to maintian a smooth manual when I ride my 21" bike but when I ride my 21.50 I can do manuals smooth as butter, and since getting back into riding I am rediscovering my riding like and dislikes, I'm only 5'10 with Vans on and I weigh about 150 but none of those play a factor to why I like a bigger bike other than I just simply like a bigger frame, so in fact I actually got a bigger Hutch Frame just last week, I got a 21.5, hope that helps.