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Haro Dave Mirra Tribute

Feb 12 '20 3:38PM PST
Ship International Int'l
Trades OK
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Haro Dave Mirra Tribute ,

Haro did a stunning well deserved tribute to the man Dave. Integrated chain tentioners, tech 77 brakes, fusion parts... etc.
The attention to detail was impressive .

I bought the bike , built it, and disasembled it, not ridden, nothing, rear brakes were installed, front brakes and pegs were left off, As dave rode his.
Also have a video of the bike on my youtube @claydoggsbikes

Interested in trades for sunday/odyssey stuff, maybe even trade plus cash?

Will ship anywhere in Canada and the USA on my exspense.



Not trying to be rude or anything but on the can guy these brand new online for around $745.00 Just saying.

So 1000.00 shipped? Whats your point? I paid 1050.00 canadian

1150 Canadian is around 750 in American doll hairs

Nice smile

It is a bit high, however, Planet will not allow the 10% off of the reduced price.

Let him ask what he wants to ask, it's his bike. If he wants to put a price on it that no one is going to pay, oh well, that's on him.

Why not, we are on a platform that allows for comments, not every comment has to be petals & roses. Nice or not, if the seller doesn't want comments, there is an option to leave comments off.  I think it's great, that people look out for one another, instead of turning a blind eye.

Plate bmx is in the USA. My price is in Canadian and includes as stated already. I leave comments on as people usually know how to read. roll

Planet bmx **

I’ve got a 2014 Sunday Funday Pro if you have any interest in that.

This bike is a smooth ride and on point. You should have road it after you built it you probably wouldn't sell it. And by the way Dave did ride with pegs. MIRRA FOREVER.

I remember watching him ride with them and without, and without the front brake at one point lol. Just was my preference , I probably would like it, just have lots of others I don’t ride as it is.

Hi, still available?

So 1000 canadian is about 758 american

The bmxmuseum police comes in to "save the day", it's "great that people look out for each other." lol
I've seen parts, frames, or 'complete children's bikes' on here for ridiculous prices and it cannot be disputed.
Where's that $1000K+ Stem that was posted yesterday?
Dont like the asking price? PM offer? If not, Take it or leave it, its that simple.
Ofc, it definitely helps if you Read beforehand... if you know how.

I have one in the box brand new and I am only looking for 6 to 7 hundred. The bike is complete.
Bought it off a really cool cat. He told me to ride it! lol I know if I open the box its home for good.
I am still trying to decide. Sell it or open it on Christmas day and ride around the house?. Now when
someone asks a price I respect them, the market will only bare what it will. Aim for the stars... big_smile

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