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Kevin Jones Replica Hoffman Big Daddy complete!

Nov 14 '17 11:02AM PST
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DIBS rules, but please ask questions first. I accept paypal and usps money orders and ship fast! Once you call DIBS, pm me quickly with your payment and shipping information. Shipping in the CONUS is free. International buyers must pay price of parts plus actual shipping.  My paypal address is . This pains me quite a bit but at this time, it is neccessary. This bike can be seen in my bikes. It is a Ramp Room Big Daddy - either a late 94 or early 95 - not sure exactly. I purchased the frame and fork from another member here. It was white when I got it. I then sent it to Chip at C4 and the transformation began! After the green frame and fork returned, I started sourcing the best condition and most expensive parts that I could find! Peregrine Q 1.5 bars, NOS Japan stamped Tech 77 levers, a near mint TNT freestyle stem, 1st gen Gyro and cables, NOS Peregrine Super Pro's! I even had them disassembled and reassembled to match Kevins bike! I used a 1st gen Nankai freecoaster rear hub laced in a 4X pattern. I had the front wheel relaced in a radial pattern to match Kevins from the Dorkin series. The Profile front sprocket - NOS. The 170 mm GT Profile cranks - mint survivors. The MKS Graphite X pedals - NOS with shelf wear. The ACS RL Edge tires - mint survivors. Front and rear brake calipers - Nippon and 990 - mint survivors. The seat is a new generation Kashimax - a remake of what Kevin had on his bike. The post and clamp are mint survivors and lastly - the Hoffman Day Smith pegs - which were one of Kevins favorite Hoffman products of all time according to a Bike Check interview - that are in near mint survivor condition. I have a lot of time and money in this thing and all I want to do is break even. Its a high end bike and yes that's a lot of money. If you are seriously interested, I am open to negotiating the price. But $2250 is what I would LIKE to get for it. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Ope


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Item sold to olskuldj.


JUST an FYI, I have shipping as high as it is due to the price of shipping itself, but also to cover the shipping insurance on a high end bike like this.

This is killer!!!

I'm such a Kevin Jones fan! I've been to the York Jam several times! I'm all about that scene so when I built this bike, I poured everything into it! Thanks Islander!

Oh yeah, NOS Mushrooms too!

Nice bike Ope!!!!  Love it! smile

Thanks man - don't really want to sell it but I have some other irons in the fire right now so I thought I would post it and see what happens.

Sweet ride.  Just an FYI - it is a mid year 95, also known as a 95.2 (Being the second 95 version).  Early 95 had no coaster tab, and later 95 had the straight rear drops versus the "pac-man" drops.

Dibs per pm

Dude - call me for counseling after...ha

bad ass build tomany opee

Dibs on RL Edge Tires MKS Grafight-X Pedals and DC Nippon And Q-Bars!!!!!!lollollol
Wow that was fast!

Awesome! Tony!! Good on ya!!

No kiddin Diggs, I figured it would be up here for a while!


When you can get one you gotta be fast! I was just about to message Tony!

Thanks Islander, you know I've been looking for one my brotha.

flat87-92 lol

Fkn Dope

Ope buddy it went to good dude!!! Tony was looking for 1 any ways. Sorry you had to sell it sad.
Maybe Tony will pass me some parts? lollollol

Hoffman stuff is hot right now

since when are we allowed to post PORN in here =]

Hoffman stuff is just awesome. The old / mid school stuff AND the newer stuff. I like shorter frames..I'm not on the long frame train..after I finally found a St. Martin Ten for flat, I strapped my '11 Strowler up as my street bike. In Hoffman Land, you can rig up a flat frame, ride street on it and have zero worries and zero issues. Tough as nails.

Awesome bike, man.

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