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1988 GT Trials "Ricochet"

Jun 15 '11 8:26PM PDT
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1988 GT Trials "Ricochet" Survivor. 100% original Hans "No Way" Rey piece of history down to the tires. Never really ridden in anger and still has the pre-recall forks so the paint still matches  Been hanging in my garage for three years now and was hanging in the first owners garage for twenty plus before that. Most action it's seen in the last 20 years was at the Old School Reunion Show a couple of weeks ago. Many more pictures available by request. If you have been looking for one of these... and I know you have, this is the opportunity! I would love to see this go to someone who appreciates it than see it parted for the cranks but hey it's your call. I have listed it at what I believe is a fair price considering the condition and rarity of this example.



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Item sold.



ahhh there we go.

never shipped a bike before so it's really whatever is fair to get it shipped safely.

Man that thing is completely original.  Spectacular looking bike!

Thank you here's to hoping it goes to the right buyer

whoever picks this up is one lucky sucker...big_smile

I saw that in person, and it really is exceptional.

Met so many cool people at the Reunion Show, it needs to stay in the community...

This may be leaving the country soon (sale pending). Making one less complete example stateside. Everyone elses RICOCHET just went up in value again lol. What a wonderful "illness" we share.

On it's way to a very happy buyer in Europe.

Wow! i thought i have seen it all! not only a sweet bike but a great deal! Is it still available???

No, Found the right home,  50 more zip ties, 5 more layers of bubble wrap and it's on the way to Spain.

Awesome bike... Almost all original too...

Funny how you realize how cool something is right after it's gone..

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