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AZUSA - 26" Frame & Fork 15 of 15

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Item sold to finallyracing (2017-11-08 12:42pm)


15 Year AZUSA Anniversary 26" Frame and Fork set 15 of 15 in electric blue.

I only opened the box to make sure it wasn't a box of rocks (kidding Todd). 

Neither the frame nor forks have been removed from the box.  Comes with a T-shirt and a packet.  Not sure whats in the packet.

I was planning to build this up but I have too many other builds going on and somethings got to go..

For reference. … 5#p5880365

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You should open the envelope....


These are so nice, i am building mine now.  Quality is second to none!cool


Hmmm. Should I build a second one?!

Crazy this hasn't sold yet!

Pm sent

just checked out the links. such a rad f/f

Seen one of these up close and they are beautiful. Hope this goes to a happy home.

PM'd you.

Still available?